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Scars Specialist

Erin Stickney, DNP -  - Aesthetic and Wellness Specialist

Elite Aesthetics

Erin Stickney, DNP

Aesthetic and Wellness Specialist located in Kearney, NE

The scars on your body are evidence of a remarkable process that your body uses to heal itself. At Elite Aesthetics in Kearney, Nebraska, Erin Stickney, NP, completes the healing that your body cannot do by itself to reduce the appearance of scars and give you smooth, flawless skin. If you have scars that affect your appearance and self-image, call Elite Aesthetics or book a scar removal consultation online today.

Scars Q & A

How do scars form?

Your body has remarkable abilities to heal itself after an injury. When an injury penetrates deeper layers of your skin than just the surface, it develops a strong, thick scar tissue to close the wound. Scars can form as the result of:

  • Injuries
  • Burns
  • Skin conditions (e.g., acne)
  • Surgeries
  • Body modifications (e.g., piercing, tattoos)

While scar tissue can form anywhere in your body as a healing mechanism, you generally only notice it when a textured or discolored scar appears on your skin.

What do scars look like?

Scars can take on several different appearances. New scars appear pink or red as they complete the healing process. Older scars turn either lighter or darker than your skin tone. If you lose muscle tissue beneath your scar, it appears indented in your skin. This is often the case with surgical scars and acne scars.

If your body produces lots of scar tissue, the scar can appear raised above your skin’s surface. If excess scar tissue is present, it forms a type of scar called a keloid. Enlarged raised keloid scars appear bigger than the original wound.

How can I remove my scars?

The key to minimizing your scars is to initiate your body’s healing process and trick it into continuing to heal the original injury. At Elite Aesthetics, Erin uses the Icon™ laser by Cynosure® to stimulate this process. The light from the laser penetrates the deep layers of your skin to break down the scar tissue and smooth the visible scar.

Scars can also feel uncomfortable due to their placement or itchy and irritated. Laser treatments can alleviate these uncomfortable sensations while they reduce the scar’s appearance. Erin may recommend creams and other products to speed your scar’s healing and reduce irritation from the treatments.

Will my scar disappear completely?

Many scars fade significantly or disappear completely over time, without any intervention. Keloids and indented scars do not fade, so you need treatment if you want them to be less noticeable. 

The Icon platform can reduce scars to be far less noticeable, if not gone altogether.

Each scar on your body tells a story, but they don’t always look attractive or flattering. Don’t hesitate to call Elite Aesthetics or book your appointment online today to find out how much you can reduce your visible scars.

*Individual results may vary.