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Dark Spots Specialist

Erin Stickney, DNP -  - Aesthetic and Wellness Specialist

Elite Aesthetics

Erin Stickney, DNP

Aesthetic and Wellness Specialist located in Kearney, NE

Dark spots on your skin can appear at random, varying between hardly noticeable and glaringly obvious. Despite their harmlessness, Erin Stickney, NP, offers conveniently quick dark spot treatments at Elite Aesthetics for patients in Kearney, Nebraska, who prefer even-toned skin. To explore your dark spot treatment options and get prevention tips, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Dark Spots Q & A

What are those dark spots on my skin?

Dark spots on your skin, which are also called hyperpigmentation, aren’t dangerous to your health and don’t require treatment. However, they can appear on your face, neck, hands, and other areas that are hard to cover. Because they alter your appearance, you may want to get rid of them for cosmetic purposes.

Your dark spots can vary in size and shade. They’re usually flat against your skin and aren’t textured or raised.

What causes dark spots?

Dark spots occur when your skin cells produce too much melanin, a type of pigment that gives your eyes, hair, and skin their color. There are several factors that lead to this overproduction of melanin, including:

Sun damage

Dark spots tend to form on areas of your body that get a lot of sun. You might also develop lots of dark spots if you use tanning beds for your summer glow.


Drastic changes in your hormone levels during menopause or pregnancy can cause a skin condition called melasma. The main symptoms of melasma are discolored skin patches and spots.


Most medications come with a few side effects. In some cases, your medication can cause dark spots to appear on your skin. Be sure to read the side of the bottle to find out if your medication is a trigger for your dark spots.


Dark spots can be a result of skin irritation like eczema or psoriasis. They can also linger after a burn or insect bite.

Diseases and conditions

Dark spots often come as a symptom of another disease or condition. Many people get dark spots in conjunction with diabetes, lupus, or Addison’s disease.

How are dark spots treated?

At Elite Aesthetics, Erin uses the Icon™ laser-IPL platform to break apart the pigment that causes your dark spots. In as little as a week, your body flushes the pigment out using its natural healing process. You enjoy clear skin with permanent results after a few treatments.

After each dark spot treatment, you might notice some redness for a few hours. However, you won’t need to take extra time to recover, and you can return to work the same day.

Dark spots on your skin are usually no more than a slight cosmetic inconvenience. If you can’t get rid of them with home products, call Elite Aesthetics or book your consultation for dark spot removal online today.

*Individual results may vary.